Saturday, December 22, 2007

To protest or not to protest!? That’s a question in Malaysia

The lawyers’ “Walk for Justice” of 26 September, the Bersih Rally of 10 Nov and the Hindraf Rally of 25 Nov, which one have you participated?

We all have good reasons to protest on street, we have good reasons to be unhappy, or even angry, street demonstrations are the result when Government fails or refuses to listen and understand the people’s problems. We have right to voice out our claims if we fail to access to the mainstream media which control by the BN Government, and this is democratic culture we keen to practice. If Malaysia still claims as a democracy state, just stop fooling people by saying things like “protesting in the street is not part of our culture …bla bla bla…” then to say, what is our culture? Corruption? Cronyism? Lies? Keris-kissing? Monkey show in parliament?

To protest or not to protest? It is about the question if you are for judicial reform or silently conspire against it! You are for electoral reform, or you are agreeing to undermine the integrity of our electoral contestation and democratic representation. If you are for social justice and wish to act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God, you must stand with the people of Hindraf, or you are standing against people!

I am not here to invite all of you to step in by protesting in the street, but at least, you can protest by using your vote in your hand when you still have it!

Proud to be one of the peaceful Bersih protestors!

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