Tuesday, January 15, 2008


里,里,里,上」,闲,种,好、 同。

里」使家、家、天,义。咖馆就是怀忡的驿站, 舞, 发。怀, 这也的咖啡馆的在。

怪,今遣,下,昂 调,不使 乏。造,仿的,当然说起“文化”,更是苛求了。。。




wankongyew said...

I call your bluff. http://www.business-opportunities.biz/ says that:

Your blog, hsiling.blogspot.com, is worth $0.00

You might not remember me but Pong Woon Wei introduced me a while back and we had a brief argument about creationism. Sorry for being nasty.

Alice Chan said...

Dont be like that leh...I remember you, Pong told me you married to his ex gf mah.

so you blog still exist?

Young said...

wei wei...wot's this? about me?