Friday, April 28, 2006

Happy Labour Day!

Since after the fall of Marcos's dictatorship and the victory of people power, everything is seems possible in Philippines....They can openly urge the president to step down though not so easy this time against Arroyo....they have all kinds of printed materials distributing freely all around in Philippines.....despite of the dissentient voices, freedom of expression is being upholding without things like ISA or OSA...

Err......hmm hmm..... as I said....everything is possible in Philippines, but is there anything to do with Labor day? Not even my Filipino comrades comprehend either. Anyway, wish you all Happy Labour Day!!! Cheers! :-)

Progressive youth meeting in Manila

Yes, there were some progressive young people gathering in Manila and it was a progressive regional meeting as well. IUSY Asia-Pacific Committee Meeting, which held last week in Manila was a meeting involved significant discussion and debate on the IUSY Asia-Pacific theme 2006- Decent work – Decent life. The representatives of IUSY member organizations from Malaysia, Thailand, Mongolia, New Zealand, Taiwan and Philippines were actively attended the meeting. There were also few representatives of the IUSY presidium from Norway and Sweden as well. Thomas and I were represented Dapsy to attend the meeting this year. It was of cause a pleasant and fruitful trip for me.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

You are invited to a Toy Symphony!

A Toy Symphony is the story of 10 rag-tag toys who were left behind in the toy maker's workshop. As a result, they never made it to the toy shelf for display hence their loneliness and longing to be owned by a child. They share each other's dream of getting "there" so that they can bring joy to a young soul. Their dream however, seems to be futile as for many years, they still have no idea how to get to the toy shelf.
One day a new toy - Mike the Mechanic - joins them at the workbench. Mike is a new-fangled toy that was sent back to the workshop to be repaired. The toys find a great friend in Mike, and to top it all off, he knows the way to the toy shelf. He has been there. Mike ignites a fire in their hearts as he "shows" them the way to get there.
As the story unfolds, see for yourself how love can change the way we live. This production is fully narrated with mime and dance to portray the emotions and thoughts of a group of toys - animated in looks but very much human in nature.

Date : Friday, 14 April 2006
Time : 8.00pm

Date : Saturday, 15 April 2006
Time : 3.00pm

Date : Sunday, 16 April 2006
Time : 8.00pm
Venue : DUMC Sea Park [map direction]

Friday, April 07, 2006

Caricatures for “Say No to Fuel Hike”

Open Submission of Caricatures for DAP Socialist Youth
to publish a Comic Book on
“Say No to Fuel Hike”
This comic is specifically presented to those who had unquestionably
supported Pak Lah in the last general election, BUT now suffer tremendously due to his Fuel Hike Policy

To have an avenue for people to air their political and economic grouses through caricatures.
DAPSY will publish the collection of caricatures in both Malay and Mandarin languages. Selected art-works will be published in the Rocket. All contributors will get a token of appreciation.

Public are welcomed to contribute any ideas of caricatures, irrespective of age, gender and etc.
The local comic artists will be invited to make their contribution.

1. The fuel hike saga and its implications.
2. Why the fuel hikes although we are the petroleum producer? Where did money go?
3. Why we cannot share equally the benefit of Petronas and government?
4. How could we change our lifestyle when the senior government officers did not showed by examples?
5. Why the price hike of goods and services could not be allowed although the government allowed the fuel hike?

Rules and regulations:
1.The artists can submit various designs irrespective of size, but the designs must be drawn in black colour. The use of pencil or pen could not be allowed.
2.The designs will be also reserved for other purposes.
3.The artists will be paid for their printed contributions.
4.The closing date is 19 April 2006.
5.The selection committee will be formed to judge the designs and its decision is final.
6.Contactable persons: Ooi Leng Hang 012-3639080 or Loh Chee Heng 03-92857532.

1.The designs could be posted to DAP Malaysia: 24, Jalan 20/9, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor or email to, and cc copy Mail to:
2.The size for the soft copy of the designs should not less than 500kb.

Monday, April 03, 2006

What a sigh, our history textbook!

Should history textbooks make you love your country? Most people would probably answer "yes." But what is the purpose to learn history? Should history only highlighted the "radiant" side in order to feed the egos of those dim-witted imbeciles. (I like this adjective and borrowing it from Tony's statement on history here. :)) Someone said that "if you don't know history, you remain forever a child." Somehow, our dim-witted politicians prefer our younger generation would be better not to know so many things than to know so many things that are not it?

In fact, we all know that this "incomplete and imbalanced" approach to Malaysia history and culture can serve no positive purposes. Only by correcting these historical myths and misconceptions, it could help combat bigotry and ethnocentrism and teach us to value our nation's diversity. By making history more inclusive, it can broaden our perspective, allowing us to see through other peoples' eyes, and therefore temper cultural misunderstandings. But, in the globalizational era like now, our YBs boleh faham kah!?