Monday, April 03, 2006

What a sigh, our history textbook!

Should history textbooks make you love your country? Most people would probably answer "yes." But what is the purpose to learn history? Should history only highlighted the "radiant" side in order to feed the egos of those dim-witted imbeciles. (I like this adjective and borrowing it from Tony's statement on history here. :)) Someone said that "if you don't know history, you remain forever a child." Somehow, our dim-witted politicians prefer our younger generation would be better not to know so many things than to know so many things that are not it?

In fact, we all know that this "incomplete and imbalanced" approach to Malaysia history and culture can serve no positive purposes. Only by correcting these historical myths and misconceptions, it could help combat bigotry and ethnocentrism and teach us to value our nation's diversity. By making history more inclusive, it can broaden our perspective, allowing us to see through other peoples' eyes, and therefore temper cultural misunderstandings. But, in the globalizational era like now, our YBs boleh faham kah!?

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The Hedonese said...

A toast to the past!
(George orwell, 1984)