Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Inilah Negara-Ku!

street protests and arrests are hot issues for this 2 months, as well the terms tear gas and water canon...police officers are working hard day and night restlessly to make sure traffic jam everywhere in Kuala Lumpur( seem like nothing better to do!) , some of dissidents are now facing trial on attempted murder when they are real murderers still out there to be reached.....and of course, mainstream media would never miss a chance to demonize the two mass rallies, Hindraf and Bersih.
what else happening dude...?? Lawyers were also charged in connection with a human rights march mounted in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday which was broken up by police,and now these chaps police tried to take control in our Parliament...what ashamed! can anyone tell me any court can give such an order to do so in Parliament? hmm...maybe only Pak liar can lies the answer!

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