Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Haunts of Valley of Hope

Last weekend, Me, Josh Hong, Josh Pang and Shue Fei went to Sungai Buloh Leprosarium, Valley of hope, where another place of heritage value will soon give way to development. Before that, we were told earlier that May 13 victims were “secretly” buried in a cemetery nearby where outside world would hardly know where is it…so, we went there, and Shue Fei, who is a responsible and hard working reporter, brought everything a reporter needed for a field study, she wrote down all the victims name, including all plot she could find on the grave, family members of the victims, place of birth, date of death…

I couldn’t remember what is the official number reported death by the government, 200+ or 300? but the small piece of land laid 102 gravestones, some without name, some were rebuilt by their families years later. We were told later by a villager who stay there for more than 40 years, there were ‘many” bodies carried by few lorries from KL, they dump the bodies into a “pool” dig earlier, and of course, no villager were allowed to get close to that place….when we asked how many bodies exactly? He said “many….many… more than thousand…” could it be a real figure? I really have no idea. But I know there are many “secrets” yet to be exposed, and the gap of the history is yet to be told with true evident. The most important is, what we can actually learn from here?
By the courtesy of the Malaysian Government...few words, many debts...
We're not only found Chinese gravestones but also Malays and Indians..
There are many unidentified victims...forgotten by the world.From the date stated, we suppose the May 13 tragedy at least last till 20th of May.
May they all rest in peace.

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Bob K said...

A poignant reminder of how self serving politicians would have no scruples in sacrificing the blood of innocents just to stay in power.

Enough is enough!