Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Free the Press! Abolish KDN!

Malaysian Citizens' Five-Points Demand on World Press Freedom Day, 3 May 2006

The Worldwide Press Freedom Index published by RSF has seen an improvement of Malaysia's position from the 122nd in 2004 to 113th in 2005, both as a result of positive measures by the Abdullah administration and as adeterioration in media freedom in other countries. However, the survey is limited to the year to 1st September 2005. In the past seven months, we have seen serious violations and restrictions on media freedom.

Each new prime minister in Malaysia vows to increase the people's freedom. Yet, as former prime ministers know, there is still no freedom for effective dissent or meaningful public debate. Before the exclusive club of dissatisfied former Prime Ministers grows larger, this must be changed.
Read more about the five-points demand here.


Young said...

I need to persue MBA. Any recommendation? I tried UTAR, but they rejected my Shanghai Degree.

Alice Chan said...

MBA? There are many options out there, just don't try local universities!:)

Young said...

where r u now? wot uni u recommend?

Young said...

utar doesn't recognize my Shanghai degree~! However, I am getting my UTM Exec. Diploma in 11th September 2006. I want to do MBA. Planning to manage a firm